Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bruce Niedt

NICE MASK (a 10-line limerick)

"A Halloween full moon
is neat,"
thought the werewolf,
"I'll go trick-or-treat!
They'll think
it's a mask,
so they won't
even ask--
I'll come home
with a bag full of meat!"


  1. Great limerick! It was fun and yet very dark at the end. Very much in the spirit of Halloween.

  2. Very catchy and amusing! I might just have to watch who comes to my door this Halloween.

  3. Think I might have dropped a kitkat or two in this wolf's bag. Lovely limerick!

  4. Excellent light limerick about a scary critter. The lines and rhymes flow well and it's cute enough for both kids and light-hearted adults to like it. At least I do. ;-)

  5. I love how you twisted the limerick form in spirit of the Halloween - and it's scary as well!

  6. Very well done. It combines smiles and shivers, perfect Halloween sentiment.

  7. Very funny to read an Irish limerick form with a werewolf theme - you've really got the package here - the full moon, the very clever werewolf, many masked meanings ;), and a bag full of ghoulish meat.